Fabrication Facilities




Description / Capacity


Steel Fabrication

Mussafah, Plot No. 51NR27

52,000 m2

Target Steel Industries Workshops and Offices.


Current capacity 18,000 tons per year –steel structure fabrication and 700,000 dia inch for piping work;

Additional onsite piping fabrication capacity of 300,000 dia inch


Target Fabrication Yard with permanent Offices and inner harbour; Sharjah – Hamriya Free Zone Office


16,000 m2

300 m2

Manufacture of Heavy Duty Concrete Pontoons as per project requirements. Has convenient access to Sea Front Warehouse / Fabrication Facility. Potential Steel Fabrication Facility can be extended upto 15,000 tons/yr

G+1 Permanent Offices with Warehouse

Electrical Stores, and Calibration Workshop



2000 m2

1000 m2

The instrument calibration workshop at Mussafah has full facilities for pressurized air line, water pressure testing, DC & AC power, testing and calibration equipment and gauges.

Additionally two mobile calibration workshops are equipped with dead weight tester, pneumatic calibration pump upto 20 bars, DC Power Source, Milliamp Calibrator, compressed air line upto 200 psi

Ghayathi Stores


3000 m2

Store for Retention Files, Scaffolding Store

PMV Yard at Mussafah


10000 m2

Existing maintenance yard for Company Plant, Machinery and Vehicles

Marine Transport Division (MTD)


22000 m2

Offices and Logistic Support

Target Das Island Base

Das Island

1500 m2

Holds the Contractor Office, PMV Yard, Stores, Marine Logistics and minor fabrication facilities for maintenance and precasting